Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Legacy Play

I finally got the chance to play my legacy family. I was going to leave them until I had gotten Generations, but I realized upon loading it up that the triplets were in fact, pretty fucking close to aging up to teens. So now they have had their birthdays I might leave it again until I get the expansion since the youngest child is still a toddler, he can have fun with all the children stage stuff all by himself.

This generation turned out rather interesting looking, and very generic stereotype in their randomized components. As some might know my naming strategy for my legacy is to pull up a Wikipedia page, hit randomize, and use the first word on the page that could effectively pass as a childs name. I in fact have a little notepad document with pre randomized names.

This generation ended up with Triplet girls, Mira, Moon and Dakota....and a single boy, Forbes.

Moon actually took after her hippy name and so far has randomized traits all suitable for that stereotype, she rolls a lot of fishing wishes and when not micro managed makes a beeline right for the playground, her favourite is the slide. Here is her as a Teenager.

Mira is the dark sheep of the three; she looks considerably different to her two sisters. She rolled the Evil trait first off which matched her favourite color random roll of.....yeap, Black. She is also a hopeless romantic who watches a lot of television; I like to see her as an emo teenager, writing dark poetry about drop dead gorgeous vampires and such. Here she is as a teen.

Finally Dakota turned out to be a text book nerd, when she aged up she even had default glasses on lol (that I changed to some better looking ones) and some of the craziest default outfits I've ever seen, I kept some of the natural ''lack of style'' she has. A genius, she spends most of her time playing chess...on the computer of course and writing Science Fiction Novels. When left to her own devices she will either head to the computer to play games, or pull out a book. Here’s her teen pic.

All their traits were randomized, and I don’t change a thing.....I like to leave free will on high and play wishacy type style, aiming to fulfil wishes or letting them decide what they want to do.

Soon as Forbes is a Teen (the girls will prob be young adults by then) it will be Heir vote time yet again!! :D


  1. Dakota is so adorable, I love her outfit. XD

  2. How did someone with the evil trait also manage to get the excitable trait??? I love evil and hate excitable. I'm having conflicting opinions about Mira...

  3. I like to think Excitable relates more to her hopeless romantic trait......like she going to turn into a huge sexual harassment CEO or something lol.