Saturday, July 2, 2011

I'm Getting There! lol

Well I still haven't got very far with the actual unpacking of stuff, I kinda spent my day cutting a small tree down in the backyard because it was blocking the sun on the deck lol.........but I am also slowly getting caught up with all my simming competitions.

My entry for the All About Me assignment ''Cribs'' got first for the round. We had to show off our favorite room in our dream home, mine was a black, white and red study with his and hers computer set ups and a big screen TV.

Then I did the entry for Girls Just Wanna Have Fun which has a political career theme. Drew a bit of a blank with this one too be honest, which is why it's a bit cliche and boring. Many of the other contestants had some really interesting ideas, I just went with a lobbyist for the mafia, tying it into the previous assignment where Saffia was working as a hitman.

Really wanted to do some playing around with my tablet for my Canvas entry, but right now I just don't have the time for sitting around practicing and playing it's kinda packed away somewhere lol. So I ended up doing my Steampunk entry pretty much all in game just did some minor adjustments to color and lighting to get the look I wanted.

Last but not least is my high fashion swimsuit entry for Beech Modeling. Through my experiences with High Fashion Modeling comps, and actually doing some research on the topic, I have come to the conclusion the idea of ''High Fashion'' is very much up for I hope this works lol.


  1. Definitely not bad at all for all you have going on! LOVE the All About Me shot!

  2. Awesome pics PK. As I told Panda. You.Are.FIERCE! RAWR!

    Good luck in your comps PK!

  3. Good grief, how many contests are you in?...

    *Head asplodes*

  4. I really don't know how you juggle all those comps AND what you have in real life. You're superman, aren't you? Thats the only explanation!