Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Current Mood

I've always been jealous of LiveJournal and how they have that cool little ''My Mood'' thing you can attach to each one of your posts. I haven't really looked to see if theres a gadget app for blogger that does the same thing, so if anyone knows of one let me know.

I've decided to make my own for the time being. I didn't create the pictures myself they are from a free to use E-card site, though I am contemplating creating my own sim version of a variety of different emotions.

In other news I'm down to one Sim Modeling competition, which is like....amazing, considering I was once in 11 at the same time. All About Me is finished, just waiting on the results and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun was cancelled due to Felicia falling out with a friend on the Unbound site, and deciding that was a good time to leave permanently for Simpure, which I figured would eventually happen, being an admin you need to spend as much time as possible at your own site to make sure it runs and supports members well.

I will miss her, but I won't be joining for my own personal reasons, we can stay in touch through the officials and her blog anyways (which I thought was on my bar, but wasn't, so that has been rectified). I know some people have been offended in the way Felicia and friends decided to vacate some ways I myself find it distasteful as some of the posts made it sound like the fact the ''friend'' is an Unbound mod was something that really needed to be stated, like it mattered considering the whole thing was a personal dispute that only involved 2 people and their feelings and had nothing to do with Unbound or Simpure. Also the way some of her friends acted after the fact, generally the ridiculous PM's that Bliss got from someone who wasn't even remotely involved in the matter. That being said, after hearing what was in the emails, I wouldn't expect her to stick around, so I don't think badly about her for closing her comp and leaving.

I am a bit squirally about anything that makes it look as if the fan sites are competing with each other, because its just not true, most active members of fan sites actually post on multiple different forums. I think the mares nest have been riling up some of the younger more impressionable members of the community to believe that first Simstopia and Unbound were competing for members, and then moved on to weave the story to later include Simpure Thoughts. They will possibility even add Simagination to that pot next. Anything that makes it look as if this is actually true makes me a little sad, its shit enough that the community looks so divided with all these different sites popping up everywhere, some of which offer nothing different from another one, other than being managed by someone different....but it makes it worse when people sometimes unconsciously grow this weird belief that you can't be an active member and promote and support multiple sites.

I understand there were accusations of Felicia's comps being rigged to favor her friends, and as a contestant I didn't see it, though I could be biased I was declared the winner of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun as I was apparently 23 points ahead of second place at the time of cancellation, and I think I'm either first or second in All About Me, probably second. Hosts choice is just for fun, just a way that someone can feel good about their picture.....and no matter how you throw it Crowd Choice is a popularity contest. The concept of three ways to win is a nice way to pump up the confidence of some simmers, but for me the only category I was worried about was my raw scores :D The whole idea is an excellent one, and I would recommend Fel's comps to anyone, especially those starting out in modeling who would like a ''not newb'' but not ''hardcore'' comp to start with.

I consider both parties involved my friends, I feel terrible that personal emails between the two of them ended up being shared both privately and publicly to others and that something that was a personal dispute between two people has become public business........however other than this fairly neutral post I'm not going to get involved, this is a personal matter that doesn't concern me.

Wow this was longer than I expected this was just going to be a ''HEY GUYZS I ADDED NEW GADGET'' lol.............anyways, mood gadget added.....yay for gadgets.

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