Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Being Sick Sucks

Being sick and unable to go to the doctor to get drugs to make you better faster....sucks even more.
I'm hoping that my husband gets well enough, fast enough that I can steal the last of his antibiotics he got from the doctor, even though they always tell you to finish the full cycle of tablets....people rarely do lol.
Cheap ass over the counter cold and Flu pills and Robitussin just don't hit the spot.

Way behind in my sim modeling stuff still, Darkslayer should be punching me in the E face soon since the finale for Vampire the Masquerade was due a LONG time ago. Hoping to have at least the first picture done tomorrow, if not both. Just a hard time balancing online shit with real life shit while moving and having the flu (or whatever I have), though we have pretty much unpacked and moved/stored most of out crap now.

All I have right now is a not very good entry for Beeching Modeling....the unedited version of the shot probably looks better lol, but I haven't really played around with the dodge and burn tool nor color curves, so I wanted to experiment. Once I'm done with the comp's I'm in I think I'm just going to lurk, judge and piggy back assignments for a while and actually learn some new skills.


  1. Geez, you still sick? Hope it doesn't last too much longer and you get better soon.

    And isn't it summer up there? What are you doing getting the flu in summer? Crazy northern hemisphere...

  2. Yeah my immune system has always been total shit, I was obviously out having a smoke break when God handed those out lol.

    You'd think being summer that there would be no Flu, but three people in my household (husband, me and mother in law) have been sick so Canada must just be crazy sauce.

  3. Are you better now? Being sick is so awful ;(
    And can you tell me the name of that site with downloads for the sims 3 that has everything payed for free? Cause in some places it's forbidden to say it, but it's your own blog, so :)

  4. Well I'm not sick anymore, just super inhuman busy lol
    The site is Paysites Must Be Destroyed

    Hopefully I'll be able to update this blog tonight lol