Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Awwww Lots of Sad News

Bliss got perma banned from the officials for bumping right after someone else bumped....guess that's classed as spamming or something who the fuck knows these days.

RepulsiveDesire had something serious happen that really got her down about the Sims Community, don't know all the details but she has taken her lovely blog down because of it.

Beechnutbaby is closing the current cycle of Dark Shadowz due to a lack of participation, shes very busy this summer so continuing to run a non elimination competition still in its early stages when only 4 of the original sign ups have the desire to actually compete just seems to be a misuse of time.

Sucks when shitty stuff happens to people you like, even if they are only internet acquaintances.



    I could seriously go to one of the SimGuru's houses (particularly the one who banned Bliss), ring their doorbell, and punch them right in the face as soon as they opened the door. I think we'd have so much more power over these people if it were in person...hehehehe.

    I'm quite worried about RD and I'm curious to know what got her so down...enough so to take her blog down that she worked so hard on :(

    And as for Dark Shadowz, I think it may be due to new comp overload on the Modeling Forum. People don't think it through and just post so many new comps when there's already so many going on. I'm not saying that's what Beech did, because she's very experienced with competitions, but I'm talking about others, newcomers.

  2. I was very sad about the RD thing, though I have no idea what happened!
    And I agree with Rex, people just sign up for things without thinking. I have passed up a few comps that I would have liked to join but didn't b/c I had too much on my plate!

  3. It's silly how people get banned over the silliest of things. I'd really like to know who actually runs those forums. I haven't seen it run properly yet.

    I'm taking a break from comps as far as competing. But wow there are soo many right now, it's hard keeping track of them all.