Friday, February 25, 2011

Took me Forever and it's not Perfect

So I needed an idea for Toxic. The first assignment was to create a portfolio of images with your model, but within a dark/grunge theme. I didn’t want to overly restrict myself by adopting a theme within a theme, but I did need something to help me narrow down what my shots would represcent.

While looking through some gothic stuff I suddenly decided that this was a good time to show some of you how much I appreciate your work as simmers. Though some may not understand the time and effort we put into competition entries, simmy creation, competition hosting and the little stories we add to our pictures....I just want to let you know that I know (lol) that it takes a very special type of person to dip into other worlds like we do.

My portfolio is a tribute to those of you who inspire me. I already took on a huge task so I couldn’t include everyone and I am sorry for that, some pictures are a shared dedication and others are not, and this does not at all reflect how much I loves you, it’s just worked out that way hehe.

They aren't as good as you lot can do, and they are less detailed than my normal pictures...but it is for a portfolio so they needed to be somewhat basic.

(Akasha, Toblie, Cece)

This image is a tribute to the competition Gothique Beauty hosted by Akasha/Suicidal Spidars which began its first cycle on the sims forums before I started modeling, and whose second cycle I was involved in was held at Cstyles. It is a mimic of my favorite assignment for that cycle, which was a gothic fashion shot. Not only is this made for Akasha, but for the judge Toblie, for the other contestants and for the admin of Cstyles Cece.


I’ve always been a fan of Evergreens close up shots. So simple but so beautifully effective, so basically this is a tribute for Jake.


She beat me in my favorite comp Gothique Beauty, and hosts and judges some of the other comps I rate in my top I just had to include JKAmarlyis in my tributes. It is a mimic of an entry she produced for Simply Sassy, with a Gothabilly/Rockabilly twist. Thanks for being one of my favorite idea bouncing pads Amber.

(Evie, Kelle, Berrypie, and Randomspirit)

The first competition I judged was UNIQUE hosted by Steviefischer/Evie. It has been so far the only competition that I have really judged (my other experiences being quest spots) and I did so for all three cycles. Evie had some of the best ideas around for assignments. My favourite memory was the assignment for the finale three in cycle one, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil, See no Evil.....and produced some of the best pictures for that whole competition from Kelle, Berrypie and Randomspirit. Thanks for the opportunity to judge you ladies, was a blast.

(Blazaxx and Darkslayer)

A duo tribute image based on the phantom of the opera...just because I can hehe. The overall image idea is inspired by a picture created by Blazaxx for Simply Sassy hosted by Kamcil. The phantom at the piano is played by Niwa Diasuke one of the best male models to grace the sim forums, created by my favorite sim creator Darkslayer.

(Celeseraphym and Hushfirefly)

My biggest idol Cele, this is one for you. A mimic of one of her amazing Faerie Folk entries, one of many I might add. Anything else I could say about Cele’s work just wouldn’t do it justice so I will leave it at that. The male model featured in this one is Lucas created by Hushfirefly, I couldn’t include a story tribute for you hush, but as this image reminded me of your couple for Hitched (I am very much enjoying the story you have weaved throughout the comp) I felt this pairing was fitting.


I've always liked her user name so I tried to make something sexy but scary at that same time hehe. Thanks for the CC creations RD I have almost every single set of items you have made <3 It's a shame you decided to drop out of Toxic would have been fun competing with you again.

(Sereniticat, Poida and Sun)

A three way tribute. A mimic of Serenticat’s Mad hatter image which is still one of my favorite pictures ever. I couldn't get access to Poida's studio *shakes fist at the EA forums* so took some of the color scheme from his new story for Laleina's Mad Hatter outfit. Sun's simmy Madison plays the role of Alice, and Hush's sim makes another appearance as tweedle dum and tweedle dee.

Here's the final collage for the submission

My pictures don't do the tribute justice, but it's the thought that counts right? :D


  1. Wow, just wow! I am in awe! Every picture is awesome and they each have a story to tell! By far one of my favorites!

  2. That is such a sweet and thoughtful idea PK!
    I love the "hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil" picture and the smoking woman one the mostt ^^. Awesome Portfolio! Good luck!

  3. You are getting more "Awwwwww"'s from me than when I watched this today

    I would say this is a tribute to you as well PK :D Time well worth spent.

    I-I honestly did not expect to be included with the crazy talented simmers who grace the forums.
    And to share a pic with Cel? Indeed, truly an honor. You get that CelSera action Lucas!!

    Thankew PK <3 It's amazagasmic! Good luck!

  4. OMG Hush you find the best videos, I still go back to that clip from the puppet episode of Angel and laugh my little ass off.

    Kittens in bowls so very very cute.

  5. Ah, memories XD that comp was brilliant!! Evie's and Harry's are BY FAR my all-time top 2. And you were an awesome judge, PK ;)

    All of the images you've done here are stunning - and its a really sweet idea :) (i seriously wouldn't want to find RD's one on a dark night, though XD)

  6. This whole idea of yours is just very sweet. I love that every picture has meaning to you behind it. I just love my pic!! I'm rooting for you and Rexy in that comp. Big squishy hugs

  7. 1st place bitches!!!! Thanks for the help <3

  8. Lol "you're a bloody puppet!" I say it more than I care to admit.

    Aw yeah first place! Congrats PK!! How about some remixed hobbits to celebrate?
    My friends and I have never been able to watch the saga seriously after seeing that xD

  9. Oh, so this is what you were talking about on VTMB? What a lovely tribute, and very well done.

    ps, congrats on 1st :)