Monday, February 14, 2011

Simself Version 2

Since the introduction of the boob slider I have needed to be an updated simself. To make my hooters the correct size :D

I'm not usually into judging competitions but after quest judging for a couple of rounds of ''Shes Got the Look'' the host has asked me to stay on permanently due to my prompt scoring and detailed comments. I had to create one of those nifty wee headshot thingy's for the judging wall, so I thought it was the perfect time to resurrect SIM PK.

Modified not just the bewbs but some facial stuff (nose, eyes, mouth) to make her resemble me a little more.

Here's the only shot I have of her so far, and the judging headshot.

I still need to adjust that booby slider...still not realistic >.<


  1. Pretty :)

    EDIT: my word verification was "mista" O_o

  2. awesome! I should try a simself.. I do have a slightly modified one a friend made of me but even it needs updated some..