Friday, February 11, 2011

Rainbow Cake!!!

So I've been on a bit of a baking spree recently. The mud chocolate muffins I made kinda got eaten before I could take some photos of them. But I've always wanted to try making a rainbow cake.

There's a tonne of recipes out there of how to get a perfect rainbow, but I kinda half winged it since many of the recipes were...well lame. Most of them the people didn't even actually MAKE the cake mix, they just used bought stuff.

The cake is a basic vanilla cake time I might try and Madeira cake mixture instead.

I divided the colors up equally, which may mean I might have a bit more mixture for the central colors than I need....but it will give me an idea of the measurements for future rainbow cakes.

Each of the colors are poured directly into the center of a round pan, on top of each other. As you can see I was right and their wasn't enough of the red mixture so it actually disappears in the pan (it was the first color to be poured)

Took about 40 mins to cool all the way through. Poke a hole in the middle with a coat hanger (ghetto I know but I didn't have a cake prod thing, don't worry I washed it first lol) to make sure the middle was cooked correctly.

Looks a bit like a rainbow boob, I may have made a bit too much cake mix, next time I'll probably adjust that too.

Iced it with a basic chocolate icing, that hardens a little on the surface after standing. Silly husband dumped the cooling cake onto a plate instead of the cooling rack (he's cute but not so smart hehe) so it looks a tad lopsided when in fact it isn't.

Stored it in a cake tin overnight and took to the in laws household. I was so desperate to cut into it and see if my experiment had worked!!! I think for a first try it looked pretty good....minor adjustment with the purple and red ratio and I should have a perfect cake next time.

It did taste totally delicious though, and the whole cake was almost polished off in one go...Greg and I had the last two slices for breakfast, mmmmm breakfast rainbow cake hehe.


  1. OMG!!!!! That is awesome! CAKE CAKE CAKE BOOOBIE!

  2. PK. WOW! That looks absolutely delicious! Double cake all the way across the paaannnnn!!!! :D

  3. lol Rainbow Boob! OMG I actually want to try making this, But with a colour on separate layers im scared is gonna turn into one big green mess!

  4. I once attempted a rainbow cake. You did a hell of a lot better than I did, let me tell you that. :')

    Mine ended up with a rippled brown effect.

    I really want to reach into my moniter and see if I can pull yours out! :)

  5. Whoa... that looks really cool! and yummy XD
    OH! You should try marble cake next - thats fun! ;) x

  6. Marble cake is on my list of baking missions actually!
    This was so much fun to make. Next on the list is butterfly cupcakes I think, I remember making and eating them as a they look really pretty.

    I'm going to give the actual decorating of the cake a go next time too, I'm gonna buy some piping bags and all.