Monday, February 7, 2011

Offensive Commercials?

AE just made a blog post about people getting their knickers all in a twist about the superbowl commercial for Pepsi. These tender and delicate human beings with nothing better to do that bitch and moan about TV commercials and how it's effecting their equally angelic children PISS ME RIGHT OFF!

Some of the wittiest and clever commercials have been removed from television because of these whiners and their inability to answer any questions their children might have about stuff they see on television....or like maybe spend some time with their kids instead of dumping them in front of the moron box.

Like this gem....this is the Australian version of the brand (some countries have the same products just with a different brand name, like Axe mens deodorant and shampoo is called Lynx in New Zealand) however the commercial itself is the same.

This was banned from TV in New Zealand for being too risque, and was only played on the hip channels 3 and 4 after 10:30 at night. I think they eventually brought out a shortened version that barely showed the beaver so they could actually advertise their product at a more mainstream time.

Apparently commercials for woman's sanitary products are the most complained about fucken sad are some people? This isn't the dark ages, men know about periods, and kids learn all about this shit at school (started at age of 10 for me, but I heard some countries are trying to get sex ed to be started at 8/9 due to earlier development trends)

Everyone always has to get offended about something....or they feel left out lol


  1. REALLY?! That commercial was cause for complaint? Oh for heaven's sake, a child would NOT understand what that meant! FFS!

  2. My thoughts exactly! and the beaver is frikken adorable! hehe

  3. They still show that comercial on TV, People were also getting pissed off at an insurance ad that showed a normal guy topless. FFS. Yeah but if hed had abs they probably wouldnt be complaining.