Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My bathroom Ceiling is Crying ._.

So I've slowly begun posting a few real life snippets here and there....I should do more since well my husband and I are strange human beings and we get up to some weird ass stuff sometimes.

I wasn't going to post about this, cause you know it's not really that big of a deal....but then things turned blue and I rofled so here it is.

We were sitting watching the jeopardy episode where the computer ''Watson'' who is made to play jeopardy kicks the ass of some of the best human jeopardy players....when I start hearing water running. Now this isn't hearing things...but it started to get louder and hallucinations don't normally have volume control. Greg got up to see if one of our taps was loose and discovered water dripping through the extraction fan on the ceiling of our bathroom.

We called the apartment handyman and he cut open a section of the ceiling as one of our pipes had burst and was leaking water into the roof. He removed the actual fan (left the grate) and patched the pipe, saying he wasn't experienced enough to fix something so major, that he would need some parts etc. He would come back tomorrow with some help, remove the patch fix the leak and replace the ceiling.

He left my bathroom in a right mess, bits of fucking ceiling everywhere.

He was gone for about 10 mins when we heard water dripping again. BUT this time on entering the bathroom we discovered that the water had not just started again....but was now................


Yes my bathroom ceiling is now leaking smurf tears into my toilet ._.

Never thought you'd see a toilet on a blog huh?

EDIT: Holy fucken god it's getting worse!!!


  1. D:

    *gives bathroom cieling a cookie*

    he needs to hurry the fuck up!!

  2. It has been fixed now. Apparently they had to rip out and replace the toilet of the apartment above us.............yes that blue water was someone else's loo water ._.

  3. Oh that's delicious...

    maybe their rainbow cake had too much blue? xD