Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Longest EVER modeling entry (for a single photo) 7 hours!

So my husband and I came up with crazy ass idea for my Hitched entry. It's fun coming up with stuff for that comp since my couple are aliens hehe. The assignment was a decision your couple was having to make, possibly something huge and life changing or maybe just really important.

It is inspired by Reboot, Batman and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

First I spent 5 hours collecting gems, both from spawners I placed on my lot, and from the surrounding town. In total I collected 42 Iron, 32 Silver and 27 gold, and countless space rocks big and small. I collected 12 different types of gem (I don't have WA so that's almost all of them besides the one you get from breaking sculptures) and had at least one cut of everything (3 missing pink diamond cuts and 6 missing rainbow....rainbow gems are a bitch to find even with spawners). I also ended up with 13 magical gnomes from sending gems and ore to but cut and smelted.

This is the little grid of all the gems and cuts (I used all of these and more to fill the shelves I had set up)

The frakken gnomes got everywhere, since it took 5 sim days to collect everything they would pop up all over the place, their favorite being the shelves that I was going to use for the picture.

It took forever getting the gems into the shelves, because of the grid size of the gems themselves I couldn't have two gems next to each other, so I filled in a few of the gaps with rubber duckies....yes rubber duckies....but I used debugenablers sculpture option on them so they look more like lumps of minerals hehe.

After doing the usual set building, Experiments with the lighting and CAS fumbling to get the right outfits....I cheated and make Vortox level 10 in the ghosthunter career so he could wield the bad ass ghost sucking gun.

After taking shots (not many my simmies did exactly what I wanted it was very special) I then made two advertisements for the floating ''vidscreens''.

After all that jazz this is the final entry.........complete with story :D

Vortox and Orpal happened to make an interesting trade one evening and received directions to a fairly unknown planet on the outskirts of the known universe....that was rumored to have many weird and wonderful things that were rare in the trading networks. However this planet happened to be in a sector that was well known for having a pirate problem, as well as being inhabited by a few trigger happy races with a lot of fire power.

The Tantria's stopped by the Habitation Mall, the largest mall in the of Orpal's favorite places EVER! They easily made the decision to upgrade the ship with new weapons systems, as well as the purchase of some hand held guns, but the debating came when the droid working the ''Trask's Munitions'' Booth asked what style of power system they were looking for.

Each gemstone and mineral mined by ''Trask's Mining Co'' offered different effects when combined with items from the armory, from explosive charges and EMP pulses to temporal fluxes and time rifts. Each cut of gem also offered different settings, but each gun could only utilize one gem......what would be the best options for their expedition?

Vortox was pretty keen on the Deadzone Annihilation Gems, however whenever the droid outline features of a different cut he would change his mind...and Orpal kept getting distracted by the many floating vidscreens advertising other venues in the mall, this decision could take ALL day.


  1. Amazing PK ! I loove the picture but imma be quiet cuz I gotta judge it later ;)

    I have nooo idea how you had the patience for that xD

  2. OMFG! That hard work definitely paid off. That is one flippin kick ass photo. Simply amazing.

  3. Seriously, I am shaken to the core. How could this have taken 7 hours???
    It would take me a day to do this!

    It is worth all that time PK, believe me!

  4. Holy crap, how awesome is that! :O

  5. PK that picture is kick ass insane!! And yeah, it would've taken me forever to do that!! LOL remind me never to compete against you again xD

  6. Thanks guys! Hopefully this is the start of a beautiful friendship with mah simmies hehe, I think they enjoyed the time I spent with them because when it came to posing time it was like BAM perfect first time hehe