Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm a Big Fat Liar

So I'm always saying ''I'm not entering anymore comps'', ''Thats it for me *insert random number here* comps are enough for me''.

Well I'm a big fat, stinking liar.

I just joined two more.

Fashionista Madness cycle 1 has finished I came runner up, and I have this thing where I like to keep trying at a competition franchise until I win I've signed up for Fashionista Madness Cycle 2.

And then Evergreen rolled out the cycle 2 of his comp ''Toxic'' and some people I haven't competed against signed up, as well as a few others who challenge me creatively (RepulsiveDesire being the big one there) so I HAD to sign was like some dirty compulsion.

So I'm officially in 10 comps now.....yeah I know, I am fucking insane.

I created a new sim for Toxic, Laleina Kale, I think my sim making abilities are improving. I'll be repackaging and reusing Avon Creed (The model I'm using for Flux) for the second cycle of FM since she was great to work with.

So heres, Laleina's headshot, and the latest entry for Flux using Avon Creed....a random Valentines day shoot which had to include another sim other than our model.


  1. You are insane, I am convinced! The thing is, you will totally pull it off!

  2. Yes you are a bit nuts and I have no idea how you come up with SO many different and creative ideas simultaneously. My head would pop off.

    And you challenge me too PK, don't know if I've ever let you know but I always feel like I have something to prove or just do better because you always bring the heat.

  3. Thank you to both of you! <3

    I follow you and Cel around like a bad smell RD...hoping that some of that abstract surreal dream quality the two of you have to your pictures will rub off on me hehe

  4. Three was the most insane I ever did, twice. There aren't enough hours in my simming week to fit in four.

    Hats off to you PK, you always do it so quick and they still look fkin amazing!

  5. PK how how HOWWW do you do it??? I'm freakin out over having to do 2 pics -- I'm with RD, my head would pop off too!

    And the fact that you can be in so many and STILL come up with the outstanding pictures you do is nothing short of phenomenal. You are the real sim artist here...I say we all ban together and get some of YOUR awesomesauce rubbed off on US!

    I did 3 comps once and it near killed me. You. Are. Amaaaaazing *schoolgirl crush* ^_^

  6. Hey! *highfives*

    I said i was done with modeling xD Obviously, that didn't happen :P