Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ice Element Sim Model

So I took some time to create a sim that I felt really had an ethereal quality to her. I've also been experimenting with different noses (undefined ones specifically).

This is Xia, entered into Elemental Modeling.
The second image is her head shot for the first assignment....I think it's gorgeous >.<


  1. She is stunning to say he least! I was eyeing that competition but am overwhelmed as it is. good luck, I will lurk

  2. Completely gawd she's incredible...ohhhh I can't wait to lurk this xD

  3. Oh wow PK :O she's lovely, and the picture is stunning!
    I was thinking of entering this comp myself, it looks really cool! but its been a looooonngg while since Random was in the modeling world XD
    So i'mma lurk like Cel and Sun ;)

    Good luck!!