Thursday, February 10, 2011

Flowers, Classical Music and Magazine Covers

Be prepared for some hearty pic spam, I've saved up a bunch of modeling comp entries to post all at once

Faerie folk!
The assignment was to portray two flowers, in two different pictures. One flower was picked by me, the other by my ''team'' member selected by the host
My team member (Pooh) then has to choose which of my images is going to get marked. The lowest scoring member of the loosing team will be eliminated

Pooh hasn't picked which of my images will be scored yet

Sweet Pea


Take Your Pic
The assignment for this one was to portray a song and music genre, your models favorite music.
I had so much fun with the ice set for Elemental modeling that I settled on a song that I could create another ice themed backdrop for
''Waltz of the Snowflakes'' from The Nutcracker, my models favorite music is of course Classical

and finally the finale pictures for Fashionista Madness

My February magazine cover, with the Valentines day theme. I may have fucked it up since I assumed (yeah I know bad idea) that FM magazine stood for the name of the competition, so I kinda used the whole name...oh well whatever lol

and my transparent background bodyshot for Cycle 2's banner (If I win that is)

Have a couple more entries due (Simiverse and Clique), but I'll save those up with this next batch of pictures.

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  1. I'm so frikken jealous! The Waltz of the Snowflakes pic is sooo beautiful and uh.. not just sayin kuz the name but I love the Amaryllis pic as well!