Sunday, February 27, 2011

A finale and Another Entry

So I entered another comp. Dark tempted me with a vampire theme, so I took the bait, I haven't worked with a vampire model yet, and the ''clan'' I chose kinda forces me to do some minor editing. I really need to practice more with my editing, maybe then I might enjoy it more.

Submitted my last entry for Clique, I made it to the finals so either I'll come runner up or win.........adding to my 3 wins and 5 runner up placings. I actually heavily edited this and I'm decently happy with the way it turned out. The assignment was a graduation picture.


  1. Did you edit on those graduation caps because they look freakin awesome!! So um, in darks comp when I need some help I'm coming to you alright. LOL

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  3. Whoops, deleted mah own comment......special lol

    Yeah I kinda had to, I could find absolutely no graduation like CC for teens.........I would have thought there would have been some terribad Harry Potter robes, but I couldn't find any lol

  4. Dude you did an amazing job with it... No way I could have pulled that off and it not look downright scary