Monday, February 21, 2011

Epic Ideas

So I have been busy with some modeling entries, and other stuff. I was going to make and have photos of some cupcakes, but I trusted my husband to preheat the oven and put them in....and the man failed to listen to me, or read the recipe and fucked my cakes up by putting them in under the wrong temperature. Cute but not so smart in the common sense department sometimes.

I won't bore you will a whole list of my pictures, especially when some of them aren't really good enough to be flashing around lulz, I will post my elemental modeling one at the bottom of this post however...since Xia's outfit is pretty.

I have come up with an EPIC idea for my portfolio assignment for Toxic. It's going to be a tonne of work, each shot is going to take me forever and I'm planning 8 of them. But please check back here to see hopefully will not be disappointed.

Without further ado, Xia in ''her element''


  1. It seriously turned out awesomely! I think you're going to dominate that comp!

  2. I'll definitely be checking back to see what you come up with. :)