Friday, February 4, 2011


Had some more horrible experiences with humanity in World of Warcraft today. It's sad that it appears that the majority of the world are total douchebags...however due to being total pussies and fearing the consequences of revealing their true nature they pretend to be respectful members of community. As soon as you give them some anonymity on the internet however....their true colors come out to play.

My husband says I have some bad luck when it comes to random groups as he doesn't have nearly as many bad experiences as I have had since returning to high end game play. I still have yet to decide whether it's worth paying money to share a virtual world with total assholes or not.

I did remember to take a few screen shots of one of my favorite Cataclysm zones, which is for players around 82+, they include one of my favorite NPC's Therazane.

This last picture is of the Temple of Earth, in the foreground is ME! in flight form :D

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