Monday, February 14, 2011

Clique Final 4

I'm always in a tonne of comps, and for the most part I handle them all well, but I say this time I might not have been overly intelligent with making sure I'm not getting into the finales in too many of them at once......since you know...I have to bring my A++ game lol.

Hopefully this is enough to get me to the finale 3 for Clique. The assignment was that our teen was running for prom queen and was starting to do some campaigning. Here's the picture and the wee little story I submitted...I was the first one too which scares me a bit lol.

Simone would have never begun campaigning for prom queen if it wasn't for her friends. Late one night while burning English assignments (death to Shakespeare!) Simone's group decided it was about time that someone other than a cheerleader won Prom queen. A vote was conducted and it was decided that Simone would be the new misfit prom queen.

They scrapped off her thick artistic makeup replacing it with shimmery natural eyeshadow and lipgloss in bright pink. Stripped her of her unique clothing and dressed her in an outfit that would please the fashionistas in the school. Slapped her normally edgy hair into some sickly sweet pigtails and baked as many cookies, cakes and tarts as possible.

BRIBERY my friends, yes bribery is the key to votes. Teens don't just vote with their eyes but with their brains too....the nicer Simone seemed the more votes they would draw away from Simone's top competition Tara Harlow, the not so nice but ever so hot head cheerleader.

Simone's friends thought it was totally hilarious to watch her chat up potential voters in the school halls.


  1. It turned out freaking awesome! (Does she have white chocolate macadamia? xD)

    Love it, and good luck!!

  2. *puts on chearleading outfit*
    "GO PK, GO PK GIVE ME A P....GIVE ME A K....GOOOOOOO ......PK!!!!!! Hehe

    Good luck!